Mr. D. P. Narasimhan, the driving force behind SPLN Consulting Services, is an adept professional with an extensive background in human resources. Serving as the Manager – HR & ADMIN since February 2017, he has demonstrated exceptional leadership in various facets of HR management.

Narasimhan oversees the confirmation process, meticulously handling documentation and acknowledgment procedures. His proficiency extends to end-to-end recruitment, encompassing bulk hiring, campus drives, and stringent candidate screening. In the realm of appraisals, he orchestrates comprehensive processes, from form-filling to discussions with directors and issuance of appraisal letters. With a keen eye for detail, Mr. Narasimhan manages payroll intricacies, ensuring timely attendance inputs, leave records, and salary payouts.

His expertise in statutory compliance, including PF, ESI, Professional Tax, and bonus, reflects a deep understanding of labor laws. Prior to his current role, he held positions at renowned HR firms, further enriching his extensive career spanning

from August 2014 to the present. Beyond his professional achievements, Mr. Narasimhan is multilingual, fluent in English, Tamil, Kannada, Hindi, and Telugu. This seasoned HR professional seeks to contribute his strategic vision and commitment to excellence to a progressive organization that fosters continuous professional growth and offers opportunities to leverage his talents.

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